Top of the Criminal Underground of The Seaside Way


Human fighter 6/rogue 2


Angel is a tall man, shaven head, several tattoos and one pure black eye. The tattoos and shaven head he did to himself. He was born with the black eye though. Rumors say the first time he opened his eyes Angel scared his mother to death. Since she was a mean old hag holding dark magic over the head of his father. The man decided to called the baby Angel.

Currently, Angel is the head of The Seaside Way; not because he’s head of the dockworkers or owns a prominent tavern on the docks. He owns the underside of the docks. Every petty thief to organized gangs pay reverence to him. There isn’t a misdeed that Angel doesn’t get his cut of. There isn’t a misdeed that goes unpunished if Angel didn’t agree beforehand.

In his early days as a career criminal Angel says he heard the voice of the Loa telling him exactly how to take control of the docks. In exchange for their knowledge he had to get specific tattoos. He did; a year later Angel owned the people of The Seaside Way. Their lives are better off for it. They only have one madman with a bad temper instead of a roving pirates, unruly gangs or foreign sailors with nothing to lose. The bad temper makes people dance on eggs shells though, Belana Ovgridal once saw Angel kill a man in cold blood for giving him a ‘funny’ look.

Angel doesn’t keep many people close but there is no one he trusts more than his right hand man, Christian Narrel. If anyone can talk Angel down from violence it’s Narrel.


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