Anson Baz

Owner of the Junkyard in the Railworks.


Halfling commoner 5/expert 5


The Baz family has lived in The Railworks before the good people of Ember Falls called it the Railworks. In fact, the Baz family has been there before Ember Falls was there. The family traces its heritage all the way to living in the swamps with a few other families. When the humans moved in the other families left but the Baz’s are known for two thinks Junk and Stubborn.

Anson Baz has lived in a little house next to The Junkyard his entire life. His perpetually unhappy mood drove his first two wives to literally jump on a ship and leave without a goodbye. He makes no excuses for his mood, that’s just the way he is. One day Siellor Baz trudged her way out of the swamp next to the junkyard. Covered in mud she asked him how much for some scrap cloth at the edge of the yard. He tried to over charge her but ended up in the negotiation of his life and owed her a place to stay for the night in the end. She never left. Anson only smiles for Siellor and only when no one is looking.

HIs junkyard is his pride and he’ll ferociously defend it against anyone. The junk in the yard is less valuable to him but since people come around trying to buy it. The scrap must be valuable to them, so Anson charges them steeply for it.

Anson Baz

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