Belana Ovgridal

Owner of Benny's and brews the BEST ale in Ember Falls


Human expert 3


Belana was not born in Ember Falls but she’s been around so long that everyone assumes she’s always been there. She is a short squat woman with a strict work ethic. The people of The Seaside Way call her the tallest dwarf they’ve ever met. She politely declines any blood ties with the dwarves. When she initially arrived, Belana spent every gold piece to her name on Benny’s. To her luck it turned out to be hugely successful.

Belana tells stories of many places all over the world. Very late at night if she’s been drinking she’ll tell the curious about how she learned to brew. From a brew master in the dwarven kingdoms. How strict the man was, how she didn’t eat if she didn’t get it right and how her brews were favored by the king. Belana will never give the names of anyone involved in the story and if asked why she was in the dwarven kingdoms she’ll brush it off.

Belana Ovgridal

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