Florette Glaisyer

Genji Maeda's bastard daughter and superior gunslinger.


Human gunslinger 15


Florette Glasyer goes by her mother’s last name not her father’s. She has a deep hatred for Genji Maeda and his son because Genji left her mother for Garris’s mother. The story as she tells it is that Garris’s parents split up and his father left town. When Genji returned he has a young woman and small daughter in tow. Garris’s mother came to Genji and informed him that she’d had a son nine months after he left. Seeing a better future with Garris’s mother he left Florette and her mother to fend for themselves. Florette’s mother only lived a few more years doing what she could to take care of her daughter.

Florette has not offered up anymore about her past but somewhere along it she came into contact with the usual weaponry of guns. She has a revolver and a rifle that have proved very deadly against Garris himself.

Florette Glaisyer

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