Raymond "Little Ray" Paltey

Head trainer of the racehorses at the Spelte's Estate.


Human fighter 4/expert 3


Raymond has always had the nickname ‘Little Ray’. It’s what his grandmother, Tabitha Paltey called him when he was the smallest of his cousins. He was raised by an aunt because his mother died of birth complications. His mother took the secret of his father’s identity to the grave. No one knows why she refused to tell anyone so it is assumed she slept with someone she shouldn’t have. His aunt cared for him very well and Raymond has grown up big and strong. He spent his youth being the punching bag for all the boys bigger than him. Now that he’s the biggest around Ray has chosen to use a gentle hand. There are two times his composure has broken. Both times involved a Lord or Lady unfairly striking one of his coworkers. It’s gotten him fired twice. Lord Spelte decided to seek out Ray and give him a job in the stables. Now he trains the prized racehorses for the Spelte’s.

Raymond "Little Ray" Paltey

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