Arcanis Tower

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Arcanis Tower was named by the first of order of wizards to move in. They were run off at least 50 years ago by the Loa. No sooner where they gone and another order moved into the tower. Each one with grand plans of changing the Cauldron ‘for the better’. They meet with much resistance from the druids and witches already living happily there. Recently, the name Locis Arcana has been heard around the tower. A new name for the Cauldron. It isn’t used by many and isn’t be squashed as quickly as usual.

Henry Erevlen is the presiding master of the tower. He is refusing to back down from people such as Grandfather Etheiveth when they come around tell the wizards they can’t build this store or make that ritual circle in the square. The tension let some magical mishaps go longer than they should of because the other side won’t help.

Episode Four Update

Lord Zoeul was accidentally summoned by an apprentice wizard. The sorcerer was imprisoned in pocket dimension that could not be opened from the inside. While practicing a normal pocket spell the apprentice pull space from exact where Lord Zoeul was trapped. The sorcerer wasted no time in picking up his world domination place. Starting with Ember Falls, he summoned a horde of undeads to taken over. The people of the Cauldron disagreed with this plan and engaged in open warfare. Before our heroes managed to fight their way up the tower and capture Lord Zoeul, Arcanist Tower was wreaked. Undead and human blood staining the walls and bodies everywhere. It’ll be a while before the Tower is fully operational again.

Arcanis Tower

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