Bezel's Square

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Bezel’s was the original general store of Ember Falls. The owner Bezel Megee knew a thousand secret ways past the pirates to bring in supplies for the townspeople. He charged a reasonable rate too. Bezel’s was the first to burn down in the Battle of Ember Falls. In honor of this little store that carried Ember Falls through the war a fountain was built in it’s place. A status of Bezel himself is the centerpiece. The closer a store is to the fountain the more profitable it is. All manner of crafts, services and goods can be found in Bezel’s Square. The black market of illegal goods is rumored to be found here as well.

Bezel’s great granddaughter, Elivie Megee, run’s Bezel’s Square now. She recently gained control when her father was murdered. Elivie is very lax on crime in her district as long as the gang bosses make sure to send her a cut of the profits. The store owners are getting restless about the crime. Nothing can be done about her because the only well in Ember Falls is located on her property. If Elivie feels like it she can cut off the free access she currently affords the citizens of Ember Falls. Then they’d be left with the wizards or rain water.


Notable Places

Bezel's Square

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