The Cauldron

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The Cauldron is where those who dedicate themselves to magic in any way live and work. Magical mayhem is always present in the district but the resident take care of it from spilling out anywhere else. Originally, the Cauldron was small buildings and no roads but now there is a large wizard’s tower in the center of the distinct. The tower houses three orders of wizards. The wizard’s of the tower are trying to petition for a change of name from the Cauldron to include more than the voodoo witches and druids. So far, Locis Arcana has not caught on and only a very few use it. Shrines, prayers and shops dedicate to all kinda of Loa can be found in the Cauldron. It is rumored that the black market is run from here.

Grandfather Etheiveth makes the key decisions for the Cauldron, if you have a problem you go to him. Everyone in the district knows exactly who he is and where to find him. Grandfather Etheiveth makes the best decision for the district and is willing to sacrifice people or money to get it done. It’s said the wizards get as much free reign to change the district as they want because his lover is one of the tower. The druids and witches control the districts and the wizards are at the bottom rung of the ladder.

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The Cauldron

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