The Gardens

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The Gardens is the wildest district in Ember Falls. “Would you like to buy a flower?” is the most frequent question. When the garden began to form as a district the rich lords who wished to visit it would tell their ladies they were visiting the gardens with friends. The ladies of the garden and everyone one else since ran with the theme going as far as to call themselves flowers. More than just whore house populate the gardens nowadays. There are theaters for all tastes, live ‘art’ studios and even three wildly witches that run a shop which specializes in enhancing every situation. The Gardens has entertainment for those not looking for a companion for the night. There are gambling halls, music halls and plain bars on Lucky Street that cater to more than sailors.

Sir Kyrad Olsworth owns the gardens. He is an older gentleman who considers himself a patron of the arts, all of the arts. He dresses well, speaks with a poetic nature and by all accounts has a pleasant demeanor. There are a few people who whisper of what happens when Kyrad loses his temper, you never find the bodies. If anyone dares question the reputation and morales of a flower, theater hand or other garden worker; he will personally draw a sword and challenge them for the honor of the Gardens. He also owns The Conservatory, the biggest establishment in the Garden.

Notable Places

The Gardens

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