The Railworks

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There was a group of people who opposed the power wielded by the docks. Nothing gets in or out of the city without the dock’s approval. Thirty years ago there was an ill conceived plan to build a road through the swamp. It met with disaster. Twenty years ago they tried again this time by building a bridge. It met with more disaster. Five years ago that changed and this part of Ember Falls became dedicated to the Railworks. The workers live and breath iron; always trying to improve their building process and hiring help to keep saboteurs from the docks at bay. There is very little by the way of ascetics in the Railworks everything is built to serve a function and that function is not to be pleasant to look at.

Five years ago a new element joined their cause Professor Tikoth Jonia. A mad alchemist with an idea to make iron horse that runs on fire over iron tracks through the swamp. The plan is still going and construction has just began on the Railworks. Professor Jonia is the man of the Railworks, he spearheads the project and over sees all of the construction himself. He is extremely suspicious of everyone but his methods have proved effective.

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The Railworks

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