Bad things happen in Ember Falls…

This is the story of six heroes living in the small city of Ember Falls. Bad things to the good people of Ember Falls. It’s known that demons once took over The Seaside Way and the heroes had to send them back to the outer planes. A wizard’s accidentally set a never ending fire in The Cauldron and the heroes had to venture into The Delve to get an artifact to put it out. And so many more horrible events that have transpired in poor Ember Falls….

Heroes of Ember Falls

Sesk – A lovely snake druid with the consciousness of a Loa in her head.
Lao Hung Siwang – A powerful monk who fell through a hole in creation.
Garris Maeda – A warrior with a passion for swords and treasure hunting.
Karon LeBeaux – A captivating bard caught in a bet between an angel and demon.
Edwin Graves – A barbarian that has a bad history with demons.
Selvandieu – A wizard imbued with power of Grandfather Wisdom

Ember Falls

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