Ramos DeVel

A pious man who has risen from the grave


Human cleric 12

I Hates Him!!!!


Ramos once went by the name Treat Du Paralles before he was murdered in his own bed during the night. When his butler found him the next morning the whole Du Paralles family mourned the passing of their most promising heir. The family buried him within the week and two days later Ramos dug himself out of his own grave. At first the family thought it was a miracle and welcome him back with open arms. After three months though 4 of the cousins had started to act strange. It wasn’t long before the Du Paralles realized that Ramos was to blame and tried to burn him to death again. It didn’t work.

After taking every last drop of sustenance from the Du Paralles that Ramos could he left his swamp home in search of his murder. Blaming her for everything that happened to him and for forcing him to murder his family just to survive. Ramos is not sure which spirit offered him a second chance and blatantly ignores them when they speak to him.

Ramos DeVel

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