Stilts Alleys

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The lower class of Ember Falls live very close to the waterfront and along the swamp’s edge. The area suffers from bad flooding. The beautiful beachfront properties use to be where the upper class built large and splendid houses. The constant flooding ruined them; driving the rich to move further inland. The empty land became the home of the lower class. They built homes out of what was left and put them on raised platforms earning the name Stilts Alley. Airborne walkways are strung up between the platforms which most people travel on. The faded glory of the old district still remains on and underneath the ground. Treasures lost below the flooded floors of the large rich homes. The residents call this The Delve.

The only voice of Stilts Alley in Ember Falls is Councilman Edgar Lirarid. He runs the Alley with an iron fist; he has no tolerance for sort of misconduct or trouble making. He put up signs around the usual entrances to the Delve stating that it’s a week in jail to just venture down this path. He tries to keep everyone out of the old homes on the ground declaring them far too dangerous. The people of Stilts Alley do not like Edgar and wish to replace him with another but no one has come forward as a good candidate.

Notable Places

Stilts Alleys

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